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    Abracon Corp    
Abracon, the leading supplier of frequency control products such as crystals, oscillators, filters and ceramic resonators and inductive components including toroids, ferrite beads, inductors, chokes, and coils.

ADECEM specialises in design and manufacturing of effective and customised solutions for EMC issues: EMI shielding material, microwave absorbers, thermal interfaces.

    Advanced Performance Materials Corp    

Alpha Wire Company delivers the widest range and largest inventory of wire, cable and tubing products for the electronics and electrical industries including the xtra guard range of high performance electronic cables.


    Amphenol Corp.    

    Amuneal Manufacturing Corp.    
magnetic shielding products, materials and resources | monitor shields | shielded rooms for research | emf testing

    Anelec bobinage    
Fabricant bobinages et transformateurs toriques et linéaires; Parc machines important notamment en torique ; Etude de toute demande spécifique

Fabrication de Filtres EMI/RFI. Traverse, Triphase, Chassis et equipement medicaux etc... Condensateurs Tantale, et Film Electronique XY et demarrage moteur. Tel: 0169536400 Fax: 0169536409 Mail:

    Arnold magnetics    
Arnold is one of the largest magnetic products manufacturers in the world and supplies magnets, magnetic materials and assemblies.

    AVX Corp.    

    Boldt Metronics International    

    California Micro Devices    
California Micro Devices is a solutions-based company which designs and manufactures integrated thin-film, silicon-based termination, filtering and ESD components with active electronic circuitry.



    Com-Power Corp.    

CORCOM is the world leader in filter technology - EMI RFI Filters.


    Effective Shielding Company    

    Elpac Electronics Inc.    
power supply, ac adapter, power supplies, ac adapters, external power supplies

    Emission Control Inc.    

    EMP Connectors    

Fujipoly manufacturers and distributes electronic packaging components including Zebra elastomeric connectors, Sarcon thermal management materials and gaskets, EMI/RFI as well as silicone rubber extrusions and co-extrusions.

    Instruments Specialties    

    Ja-Bar Silicone Corp.    

    Kemtron Ltd.    
Welcome to Kemtron Ltd

    Magnetic Shield Corp.    
Magnetic Shield offers solutions for electrical problems caused by magnetic interference. Magnetic Shield company stocks assembled shields and enclosures as well as CO-NETIC AA and NETIC S3-6 Alloy materials for custom fabrication.

    Maxwell Technologies Inc.    
Sierra-KD Components: High Voltage, High Energy Ceramic Capacitors, EMI/RFI Filters. Check our site for technical bulletins, authorized representatives, and product information.


    Murata Electronics    
Passive Electronic Component Manufacturer


    NMS National Metal Stampings    

    Okaya Electronic America    

    Omega Shielding Products Inc.    

    Qualtek Electronics Corp.    

    Radialex Würth Elektronik    
Spécialiste des composants de protection destinés à la CEM Compatibilité ElectroMagnétique. Composants électroniques professionnels. Connecteurs WERI

    SAE Power Inc.    


For more than 110 years, Schlegel has been providing innovative solutions for their customers.

Schurter, a manufacturer Electro-Mechanical Components, is known worldwide for its non-stop innovation in Circuit Protection, Power Entry and Switching Products

    Silver Cloud Manufacturing Company    

    Spectrum Control Inc.    

    Surge Control    





Vanguard specializes in extrusions, coextrusions, moldings, cut parts and custom assemblies for most industrial markets, including: aerospace, aircraft, appliances, architectural, automotive, electrical, electronics, food processing, hydraulics, instrumentation, machinery, marine and medical.