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    Advanced Linear Devices    
Advanced Linear Devices Inc develops, manufactures and markets precision low power linear integrated circuits for manufacturers of industrial controls, electronic instrumentation, computer, peripheral equipment, medical instrumentation, automotive, and telecommunications systems. Our products include EPAD, Electrically Probrammable Analog Devices, MOSFETs, rail-to-rail operational amplifiers, EPAD op amps, dual slope A/D front end converters, voltage comparators, analog switches, timers and matched transistor pairs.

    Alpha Semiconductor    


    Analog Devices    

    Automatisme Diffusion Saint Etienne    
Distributeur spécialisé en matériel d’automatisme et de motorisation industrielle:détection,traitement du signal,entraînement et module d’axes, matériel électrique,variation de vitesse et régulation,mise en sécurité,supervision et commande.

    Burr-Brown Corp.    
Burr-Brown Corporation is a world-wide leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of electronic components including precision linear, data conversion and mixed signal integrated circuits. These products address applications for both analog and digital signal processing relating to communications, industrial and process control, test and measurement, medical instrumentation, digital audio, multimedia and personal computer systems.

    Calogic Lcc.    
Calogic, founded in 1983, sepcializes in analog semiconductor design, processing and manufacturing. Calogic offeres a line of standard products in Bipolar, CMOS, DMOS, JFET, and Dielectrically Isolated (DI) technologies as well as full Custom IC capabilities from desighn to final test...

    Celeritek Inc.    

    Elantec Semiconductor    
Elantec designs, manufactures and markets high performance analog integrated circuits primarily for the Video, Optical Storage, DC/DC Converters and XDSL markets.

    Fairchild Semiconductor    
Fairchild Semiconductor is the leading provider of logic, memory and discrete technologies. Fairchild's website offers comprehensive online support for design engineers, plus current corporate and financial information.


    Linear Technology    

    Maxim Integrated Products    
Maxim manufactures analog & mixed signal integrated circuits.

    Micrel Semiconductor    

    micro networks Corp.    

    Mitel Semiconductor    

    Mitsubishi Semiconductor    
Mitsubishi provides a wide range of award winning semiconductor products.


    National Semiconductor    
National Semiconductor is a leading provider of analog and mixed-signal technologies for systems-on-a-chip. The company's chips lead many sectors of the personal computer, communications, consumer and information appliance markets. National's website offers comprehensive online support for design engineers, plus current corporate and financial information.


    NJR Corporation    


    SGS Thomson    

    TelCom Semiconductor Inc.    

    Texas Instruments    

    TriQuint Semiconductor    
TriQuint designs, develops, manufactures, and markets a broad range of digital, analog, and mixed signal integrated circuits. Utilizing proprietary Gallium Arsenide(GaAs) technology, our market leading products overcome the performance barriers of traditional silicon devices.