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    Advanced Hardware Architectures    
AHA: ICs and cores in forward error correction (FEC) including turbo codes, turbo product codes, Reed Solomon, R-S Viterbi. Data compression including DCLZ, ALDC and proprietary algorithms.

    Advanced Linear Devices    
Advanced Linear Devices Inc develops, manufactures and markets precision low power linear integrated circuits for manufacturers of industrial controls, electronic instrumentation, computer, peripheral equipment, medical instrumentation, automotive, and telecommunications systems. Our products include EPAD, Electrically Probrammable Analog Devices, MOSFETs, rail-to-rail operational amplifiers, EPAD op amps, dual slope A/D front end converters, voltage comparators, analog switches, timers and matched transistor pairs.

    AITech Microelectronics    
AITech VGA Scan Converter to Underscan and Overscan NTSC PAL EIAJ Video Signal Processor Conversion for Composite and SVideo (S-Video, S_Video) TV and HDTV Interface with Flicker Free Digital Filter Technology.

    AKM Semiconductor    

    Allegro MicroSystems    

    Alpha Microelectronics Inc.    

AMCC, Analog ic, communications with ic's or chipset, bipolar, gate array, gate array and bipolar, standard cell and bicmos, gate array and bicmos, asic, broadband, wideband, long-haul, lightwave, digital crossconnect, server-to-server communications, 100Mbps, foundry, Bipolar, semiconductor, wafers, wafer processing, wafer foundry

    American Microsystems Inc.    
Mixed Signal and Digital ASIC (IC, Integrated Circuit) design, manufacture, and fab from American Microsystems, Inc., (AMI). Also FPGA to ASIC translation, system on a chip, ASSP, and integrated circuit system.

    Analog Devices    

    Aptos Semiconductor Corp.    




    Burr-Brown Corp.    
Burr-Brown Corporation is a world-wide leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of electronic components including precision linear, data conversion and mixed signal integrated circuits. These products address applications for both analog and digital signal processing relating to communications, industrial and process control, test and measurement, medical instrumentation, digital audio, multimedia and personal computer systems.

    Byte Paradigm    
Byte Paradigm Test and Analysis Solutions develops mid-range equipments to support the test, the debug and the analysis of electronic systems. Byte Paradigm Subcontracting offers reliable digital system design and project management services (ASIC, FPGA, SoC and SoPC).

    California Micro Devices    
California Micro Devices is a solutions-based company which designs and manufactures integrated thin-film, silicon-based termination, filtering and ESD components with active electronic circuitry.

    Celeritek Inc.    

    Cherry Semiconductor    
Cherry Semiconductor is a premier designer and manufacturer of power management IC solutions. We have a history of quality designs, cost effective manufacturing, on-site testing, and on-time delivery.


    Cirrus Logic    

Conexant is a leader in the development and manufacturing of system-level semiconductor solutions that use mixed-signal processing technology to combine complex analog and digital functions on smaller and smaller pieces of silicon. The company's specialized expertise in signal processing algorithms, communications protocols and signal conversion technology has provided it with the technical underpinnings to deliver system solutions in a variety of diverse yet interrelated communications markets.

    CP Clare    
Clare is a leading provider of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor solutions for the communications gateway.

    Cybernetic Micro Systems    
Cybernetic Micro Systems' online catalog of special purpose control ICs.


    Dallas Semiconductor    

    Data Device Corporation    

    E Lab    
Electronics Engineering Components and Engineering Assistance


    Fairchild Semiconductor    
Fairchild Semiconductor is the leading provider of logic, memory and discrete technologies. Fairchild's website offers comprehensive online support for design engineers, plus current corporate and financial information.

    Fox Electronics    
Crystals, Oscillators, TCXOs, VCXOs, filters, and now JITO-2 programmable oscillators ship in days. 1-800-GET-2FOX technical support

    GenesisMicrochip Inc.    

    Gennum Corp.    
Gennum Corporation is a Canadian high technology company which designs, manufactures and markets electronic components, primarily silicon integrated circuits (IC's) and thick-film hybrid circuits, for specialized applications in the information world.

    Hitachi Semiconductor (America) Inc.    
H8, H8 Microprocessor, microprocessors, chips, microcontrollers, processors, controllers, MCU, MPU, 16-bit, 16 bit, bit, 16, H8, Hitachi, semiconductor, semiconductors, Flash, Hitachi's 16-bit Microcontrollers with 128 KBytes of Sigle-Voltage (5V) Flash Can Accommodate Complex Programs

    IBM Microelectronics    
IBM Microelectronics Web pages for information on IBM Microelectronics innovation, technology, products, services, solutions for custom logic, communications, technology, packaging, PowerPC and memory products

    Imaging: C-Cam Technologies    
Design, Development & Production of industrial control products using embedded processors. Vision systems using CMOS sensors

IMP, Inc. Home Page - a manufacturer of analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits to the global computer, communications, and industrial markets. IMP is a technology leader in the field of analog signal processing design techniques. Products are manufactured on CMOS, high-voltage BiCMOS, and EEPROM processes in the company's ISO 9001 wafer fabrication plant in San Jose, California


    Integrated Device Technology Inc.    

    Integrated Silicon Devices    
ISD is the leading worldwide supplier of semiconductor voice record and playback solutions.Its ChipCorder and VoiceDSP product families provide essential products to the communications marketplace using proprietary multilevel storage and related technologies.

    International Microcircuits Inc.    


    Linear Technology    

    Linfinity MicroElectronics    
Microsemi Corporation (Nasdaq: MSCC) is a leading manufacturer of Power Management, RF/Microwave, Transient Protection, Power Conditioning, Mixed Signal and Discrete products for Portable Computing, Mobile Communications, Satellite/Space, Military, and Medical applications.

    LOGIC Devices    
LOGIC Devices, Inc. develops and markets high-speed performance integrated circuits.

    LSI Logic    


    Maxim Integrated Products    
Maxim manufactures analog & mixed signal integrated circuits.

    Micrel Semiconductor    

    micro networks Corp.    

    Micronas Intermetall    
Development, production and marketing of integrated circuits, digital signal processors, microcontrollers, and Hall sensors mainly for applications in multimedia, consumer, automotive, and industrial electronics, as well as in the communication field. Integrated Circuits (ICs): Processors for the digital real-time processing of video and audio signals, as well as microcontrollers in CMOS, NMOS, HMOS, and CI technology CMOS Hall Sensors: Hall switches, differential Hall sensors, and linear Hall sensors using CMOS technology.

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